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Complications of adenovirus infection The most typical are otitis media and purulent sinusitis, obstruction of the Eustachian tube in children due to prolonged hypertrophy of lymphoid tissue in the pharynx, laryngospasm (false croup), secondary bacterial pneumonia, kidney damage. The prognosis of the disease is usually good.

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Diagnostics of the Adenovirus infection:

  • Depending on the clinical form of adenovirus infection, differential diagnosis is carried out with influenza, a group of acute respiratory viral infections, conjunctivitis and keratoconjunctivitis of various etiologies (including diphtheria), pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

  • Adenovirus infection is characterized by mild or moderate intoxication and polymorphism of clinical manifestations in the dynamics of the disease: symptoms of respiratory tract damage (pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis), eyes (conjunctivitis, iritis), regional or widespread lymphadenopathy, sometimes exanthema, gastrointestinal disorders, hepatolienal syndrome ...

  • Laboratory diagnostics of adenovirus infection The hemogram in adenovirus infections does not show significant changes, with the exception of a slight increase in ESR. Virological studies based on the isolation of the virus from nasopharyngeal lavages, eye discharge in conjunctivitis (less often from feces) are complex and time-consuming, they are not used in general practice.

  • Detection of serum antibodies is carried out using group-specific RSC and type-specific RTGA and PH. When staging these reactions with paired sera taken in the acute period of the disease and the period of convalescence, an increase in antibody titers by at least 4 times is considered diagnostically significant.

  • sumatriptan with group antigen is also used. For approximate express diagnostics, you can use the RIF and the method of immune electron microscopy. Treatment for Adenovirus Infection:

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With an uncomplicated course of the disease, they are usually limited to local events: eye drops are prescribed (0.05% deoxyribonuclease solution or 20-30% sodium sulfacil solution). With purulent or membranous horsejunctivitis and keratoconjunctivitis (excluding cases with corneal ulceration!) 1% hydrocortisone or prednisolone ointment is placed in the eyelid. Vitamins, antihistamines, symptomatic agents are recommended.

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Speech Therapy for Adults

Severe adenovirus infection requires increased detoxification therapy with intravenous administration of polyionic crystalloid and colloidal solutions. Etiotropic drugs (broad-spectrum antibiotics) are prescribed for complications caused by secondary bacterial flora, as well as for elderly people suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory system, and for patients with manifestations of immunosuppression.



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